From May 2024 we are changing the prices of our shared music rooms. Click here for more information.
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  • Music rooms in Prague for beginners and professionals

    Profesionally equipped shared music rooms that you can reserver right now and private music rooms that you can rent as a suitable space for your band for a year and more.
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    Just count to three

    We want bands to have reservation as quick as possible. So reservation is just three simple steps.
    1. Choose a locality
    For many years we operate in three reconstructed facilities in Prague.
    2. Pick a music room
    We have different types of music room, so bands, individuals and DJs can find their fit.
    3. Reserve your time
    If the music room is empty, just select the date in calendar and arrive in arranged time.

    What do we offer

    We are not just music rooms. Thanks to many year experience we offer many additional services for bands and musicians.
    Zkušebny Praha - nesdílená zkušebna
    Private music rooms
    Well reconstructed rooms for bands and musicians who wants to have their own space.
    Zkušebny Praha - sdílená zkušebna
    Share music rooms
    Fully equipped shared rooms for musicians who wants to play on high quality equipment.
    Zkušebny Praha - dj.lab
    Fully equipped music rooms specially designed for DJs with possibility of online streaming.
    Recording bands
    Rádi byste si pořídili záznam zkoušky s vaší kapelou? Make an appointment with our sound engineer HERE
    Our services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You often ask us these question and we are happy to answer them. If you do not find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us via contact form.
    What time can we reserve music rooms?
    Shared music rooms can be reserved between 10am and midnight every day. Private music rooms are available 24/7.
    Where are you located?
    Right now we operate in three building in Prague. Our South building is in Prague Háje and Ateliers and Factory are located in Prague Hostivař.
    How do we get inside of building?
    Building manager will let you inside of a building based on your reservation.
    How do we get instruments inside?
    You can park your car right in front of elevator. Once you put your instruments inside, please park your car to parking lot.
    Is it allowed to smoke in music rooms?
    It is not. All our music rooms are non-smoking rooms. For smokers we have allocated place in front of building.
    How do we pay for reservation?
    You can pay directly during reservation, where you can select multiple payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
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    About Us

    How did it all begin?

    Zkušebny Prague were created out of the need to test somewhere. It started in Jižák buidling. A half-empty warehouse turned into shared and unshared rehearsal rooms. Shared fully professionally equipped rehearsal rooms that you can book right away and non-shared rehearsal rooms that you rent as a suitable rehearsal space for a year or more. The community of musicians has proven to be diverse and large. Music is enjoyed not only by professional players, but also by people who like to play in their spare time for themselves or just to mess around on the drums. So all genres meet here, professionals and non-professionals...
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    Rehearsing is not as easy as it seems. Finding a suitable, safe and dry place that is accessible and where you can play, park and not disturb anyone is not easy. That's why our music rooms are here.
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