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  • Rehearsal recording
    In the STAGE rehearsal room at Jižák you can make a live recording of your rehearsal with the band, either just a STEREO recording or a multi-track mixed recording, just choose a date and email our sound engineer: petr.rulisek@zkusebnypraha.cz
    Service and repair of loudspeakers and small electronics
    Do you have a problem with a non-playing speaker, a broken instrument or other small electronics? There is no need to get rid of the malfunctioning thing right away, we will be happy to fix it for you, minor problems on the spot, or you can pick up the repaired equipment at the earliest possible date. In case of need and interest in servicing, please call tel: +420 605 315 074
    Rehearsing is not as easy as it seems. Finding a suitable, safe and dry place that is accessible and where you can play, park and not disturb anyone is not easy. That's why our music rooms are here.
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