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    Dear Clients,
    please always book shared rehearsal rooms / dj.lab in advance online by credit card through a payment gateway.


    • After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email which is binding.
    • Payment is made online by credit card through a payment gateway.
    • In the email you have the option to cancel the reservation under the given conditions.


    Reservations can be cancelled:

    • Up to 48h before the start of the rental via the link in the order email.

    Order makes friends… We hate to, but we can't help it:

    • If the reservation is cancelled without giving a reason and without informing us of this fact, the payment for the reservation is forfeited to the system and becomes non-refundable.

    On arrival:

    • We keep a record of customers who cancel reservations without any reason.
    • Arrive on time! If you arrive late, the time you have lost by arriving late will not be refunded.
    • Rehearsals Prague reserves the right to fill an unoccupied reservation with a paying customer 5 minutes before the start of the reservation.
    • Call us! If you are travelling and know that you will be late for your booked lesson, please call the rehearsal room manager and he will hold your booking until you arrive.


    • The rehearsal rooms are checked before and after your playing. We always hand them over clean and ready for use. The tube combos and speakers are already switched on and warmed up. It is forbidden to turn this equipment off and on. THERE IS A RISK OF DAMAGE TO THE LAMPS.
    • You can take drinks purchased at the bar into the rehearsal room. Please place them only on the tables provided. Never on the tube combo speakers or to the DJ mixer. THERE IS A RISK OF DAMAGE FROM WASHING OUT.
    • There is a clock in each rehearsal room. Please hand over the rehearsal room no later than 5 minutes before the end of play so that the next client can start again in the cell. You yourself would not enjoy having a stranger tugging on your time…
    • All rehearsal rooms are strictly no smoking and no pets. We have a covered smoking room at the main entrance or on the patio.
    • It is forbidden to consume your own drinks and food in the rehearsal rooms. Please note that you do not bring your own refreshments to the bar, pub or restaurant. We have a nice place and seating area in the rehearsal space where you can order an alcoholic/non-alcoholic drink and something to eat. You can take your drinks with you to the shared rehearsal rooms / dj.lab.
    • You are not allowed to move or relocate equipment in the rehearsal rooms. If you already move something, please indicate it back at the end of the rehearsal.


    • If you find any defect or damage in the testing room, please report it to the reception immediately. It is possible that the musician in front of you caused it and is trying to cover it up or blame it on you.
    • In the event of vandalism, intentional or mechanical damage to the premises and equipment, you will be charged for this. If you break something yourself, it is your responsibility to report it to the front desk immediately.
    • If damage occurs due to normal wear and tear (torn membrane, etc.), we will immediately rectify this and put it in order for continued perfect use. We do our best to accommodate you as much as possible, all common parts and accessories are therefore available.


    Music Rooms Prague Team

    Rehearsing is not as easy as it seems. Finding a suitable, safe and dry place that is accessible and where you can play, park and not disturb anyone is not easy. That's why our music rooms are here.
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